Burnley FC Youth Board

Robbie Parker – Youth Board Chair


“I think the Youth Board is a fantastic opportunity for me to represent the youth of the town and the surrounding areas whilst helping the club improve its reach to young people.” 

Emily Shameti – Youth Board Vice-Chair


“I applied to be on the Youth Board because I think it will open many doors for me and it will be an experience to remember. I feel that working on the board alongside many more talented young people will help Burnley kids have the voice they need.” 

Harry Bennett-Courland


“I applied to join the Youth Board because I believe young people can play a massive part in the future of Burnley FC and I would like to be involved in that future whilst representing the young people of the local communities.”

Amber Day


“I signed up for the Youth Board because I think it will be an amazing opportunity and a once in a lifetime chance. I want to learn what happens behind the scenes at BFCitC and support the work that people don’t always see. It will be an amazing experience, I’ll get to learn new things, meet new people and gain new skills for later life.”

Elle Goss


“I applied to the Youth Board because I feel like it will be such an incredible experience and I will be able to meet new people who I can form friendships with. I also want to see what Burnley FC in the Community is all about and support everything they do; not just the football side of things.”

Declan Green


“I applied for the Youth Board as I have a keen interest in football and have previously played at the BFCitC Player Development Centre. The Youth Board will be a good experience and I will gain more knowledge and skills from being part of it. I look forward to representing the youth in our community.”

Robert Halshaw


“I joined the Youth Board to help improve the relationship between the club and the town and I want to be a part of taking Burnley Football Club forward.”

Tom Kippax


“I applied for the Youth Board because I think it will be a good way to connect myself with the club and the community. Hopefully I can help create better opportunities for people and community projects for the supporters of Burnley.”

Layton Marsden


“I joined the Youth Board because I’ve been involved with the club previously and I want to help parts of the community that sometimes don’t have a voice.”

Sanah Rashid


“I applied for the Youth Board because I believe it will be an amazing experience and a new learning opportunity. Also, as a part of the board I have the opportunity to help people which will prepare me for a future career.”