Bertie’s here to help with home schooling!

Bertie’s here to help with home schooling!

As many children continue to learn from home due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to Bertie’s Bumper Fun Pack and our Kicks at Home Activity Cards and fantastic Kicks at Home Champion competition to keep children entertained, we’ve created some more Bertie resources to help!

As a helpful home-schooling initiative, or to support parents add an additional sense of structure to children’s week, we’ve introduced Bertie’s Reward Chart and Home School timetable.

Bertie’s Reward Chart has a mixture of activities, including working with numbers, completing a Kicks at Home activity card, doing some exercise and reading a book. Lots of tasks our Premier League Primary Stars coaches teach children in schools across East Lancashire. 

The reward chart can be easily downloaded, and the aim is for children to cross off all the activities on the sheet within a week, and if they manage this, they earn a Bertie card. There are six different Bertie cards to collect.

As most children are not in school and as we continue to adapt to our new routines, Bertie’s Home School timetable can be used as a helpful tool to add structure to the week.

Download Bertie’s Reward Chart and Home School timetable below and let us know how you get on, send us your completed reward charts and timetable on our Twitter and Facebook page so we can show Bertie how well your little one has done!