BFCitC proud to support The Period Coach

BFCitC proud to support The Period Coach

Burnley FC in the Community are proud to work with ‘The Period Coach’ founder Sam Wright.

Sam, who launched The Period Coach, provides sanitary products to girls and women across Burnley and East Lancashire, supporting those in her community that require them the most.

Since starting the campaign in 2020, Sam has distributed 30,100 products, and delivered workshops to 580 children in local schools, with the clear objective to normalise periods, even including participation from boys.

Sam has teamed up with Burnley FC in the Community Kitchen to include sanitary products in their hampers which are donated to the local community.

As Project Lead, she is responsible for delivering period workshops, and during this, has been instrumental in getting eight schools to sign-up to the PHS portal in the past 12-months, which enables any education setting to qualify for free period products.

Her long-term aim is to collaborate with influential women in sport, as Burnley Enterprise of Sport and Training are the only sporting organisation in the North West to offer this type of coaching in schools / education settings.

Sam said: “It was July or August time, and within the advanced squads and junior squads the girls had started ‘developing’ and it just went from there, so we decided to do a health and hygiene workshop.

“We taught them and from then, we started packing ‘pamper packs’, where all the gym mums and the gymnasts got involved, as well as the community and the kids too. These bags have gone into the Foodbank, Burnley Together and to the NHS and the Women’s refuges, UCLan Burnley – so they’ve gone everywhere!

Before the pandemic, 1 in 10 women were in ‘period poverty’ in the UK, which increased to a massive 1 in 3 during the height of the pandemic. This saw women and girls supplementing essential sanitary products, ultimately risking their health.

“So far, we’ve sent out 30,100 packs into the community, and we’re just keeping going and going. I’m now involved in schools… and I’ve seen a massive impact from the kids and the parents.

“We need to get into the community delivering these workshops and it all voices around getting women back into sport, to empower them and give them back confidence 

“We call it a ‘period pamper pack’. We put a variety of products together, varying from sanitary towels, tampons, conditioner, shampoo, hair and face masks – anything that makes you feel a bit better.

Currently seven in 10 girls give up sport due to ‘period embarrassment’ and The Period Coach is in place to offer support and educate women, to empower them to get back to what they love and normalise periods.

“It all relates back to mental health and wellbeing, because if you don’t build up the resilience you can’t push forward.

“It’s great working with the team at Burnley FC in the Community Kitchen, Alan Pace and his wife Kristen have all been really supportive, and we want to be able to help people.

“We want to support and educate our wider community, and hopefully we can make a difference.”

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