BFCitC support participants through Ramadan!

BFCitC support participants through Ramadan!

Burnley FC in the Community has been supporting its Muslim participants throughout Ramadan.

The charity has provided over 300 refreshments for its Premier League Kicks participants who have been fasting, allowing them to break their fast when this has fallen during the evening sessions.

By providing food and drink, this has allowed those fasting to still attend the sessions every week, something which the participants involved have been appreciative of.

As Ramadan draws to a close, and Muslims all around the world prepare to celebrate Eid al Fitr, we spoke to one Premier League Kicks participant, Umar, who attends sessions every Friday.

Umar has attended the sessions at The Leisure Box weekly for a number of years as he enjoys the opportunity to play football and learn new skills. Initially attending with his brothers and two of his friends, Umar has now made several new friends since joining.

“Premier League Kicks is not only playing football for me, but it’s an enjoyable experience because of the staff and the others who come and play. Over the years I have met new people and I get on with them all really well, it doesn’t matter what team I am on.”

Umar and his friends have been particularly grateful for the support they’ve received from the BFCitC coaches and other participants during Ramadan.

Each participant has taken a break at the same time and had access to the free refreshments, whether they are fasting or not, to show support for those who are.

“I have found continuing to exercise during Ramadan ok because I am quite fit and healthy. It helps that I’m so motivated to play football with my mates.

“The BFCitC coaches have been very aware of Ramadan and they have supported us with free food and drinks.

“We have a set time in which we need to break our fast and with staff understanding this, we have been allowed to do this during the session. It was a really nice touch that they provided us with refreshments and something we all really appreciate.

“They understood we need longer, extra breaks and haven’t pushed us too much during the session which has also been really helpful.”

Premier League Kicks is the Premier League’s flagship community programme which provides free football and sports opportunities to young people aged 8-18 in the local community.

BFCitC’s current sessions are fully booked, however, please keep an eye out on our social media pages and website for information on when the next block is available to book.