Brad enjoys BFCitC Game Changers programme

Brad enjoys BFCitC Game Changers programme

For Brad, the Game Changers programme delivered by the National Literacy Trust has helped him with his self-esteem and confidence in the classroom.

Game Changers is a 20-session reading programme specifically designed for excluded students. The programme uses relatable texts, resources, and football activities to motivate and equip young people to read.

BFCitC colleagues Jack Ormesher and Gwil Jones, trained by the National Literacy Trust, have been delivering Game Changers with excluded students in schools and alternative provision settings across local schools.

The programme uses the power of sport to motivate and inspire them to improve their literacy skills.

Available for Key Stage Three students (aged 11-14) Game Changers aims to improve attitudes towards reading.

Brad, 13, attends The Heights Burnley – an alternative provision school, where BFCitC deliver Game Changers.

Brad said: “I found learning difficult because there were too many people in the classrooms and it was just too loud for me, my anger was very bad, my mum was poorly, she had a bad illness, and I just didn’t get along with my teachers.

“I was very nervous to come to the school but on my first day, I met a lot of new friends and I get on with them very well.

“We had Jack and Gwil come in and they gave us booklets to work on. At the start I was a bit nervous to read out my answers but through the weeks and as they went on, I was getting a bit more confident, and I could read out my paragraph and I could help my other mate.

“It helped me a lot as I like football and it was more based around football and famous players and how they’ve achieved their goals.

Fifty-six percent of children who start below expected levels in reading catch up over the Game Changers programme.

Jack Ormesher added: “I remember Brad’s first couple of weeks, he wouldn’t read out loud, but he developed his confidence to a level where he could.

“I’m proud to see what Brad has achieved during his time on the Game Changers programme, it’s great to see the progress he’s made.

“It is a fantastic programme for any alternative provision school to get involved in, which uses the power of football to improve reading.”

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