Burnley legacy building in China

Burnley legacy building in China

A lasting footballing legacy is now taking shape in China as Burnley FC in the Community begins to roll out its in-country coach and education development programme.

Burnley FC’s official charity is working with its overseas provider PDC Sports to deliver a series of Pilot Programmes in locations across China, with the aim of developing a long-term development strategy, producing top quality coaches and fostering a keen local affinity with the Burnley FC brand.

Chris Divers and Andrew Thomson were deployed by Burnley FC in the Community into the country over the summer in Football Development Officer (Overseas) roles to roll out the Pilot Programmes. Working closely with the Football Association of the Province of Jiangxi and the Xiamen Education Bureau, the pair have now delivered the programmes to cohorts of coaches in Ruichang, Jiangxi, Beilei Youth Football Club in Xiamen and the Xunyang FA in Jiujiang, Jiangxi.

Inclusive of three hours of delivery, football leaders, coaches and PE teachers have attended the inaugural programmes. One hour of classroom-based activity takes the learners through the history of Burnley FC, as well as coach and player structures and pathways at Burnley FC in the Community. Two hours of on-field delivery then puts the learning into practice. 

Andrew Thomson said: “Following the initial programmes, the feedback from participating coaches and organisers demonstrates the courses have been a resounding success. We’ve gone a long way to laying the foundations for a bright future for Burnley FC in the Community in China. It’s certainly exciting times!”

The Pilot Coach Education Programme is the initial step in a long-term coach development strategy Burnley FC in the Community is launching in China alongside overseas partners, PDC Sports. The courses allow Burnley FC in the Community staff to work with a significant number of coaches and teachers who, in turn, will pass practices onto other coaches, players and students.

The hope is this will have a positive impact on the coaching and teaching of football in the regions, raising standards for thousands of children and young people.