Cardboard Box Company back Burnley Community Kitchen

Cardboard Box Company back Burnley Community Kitchen

The Burnley Community Kitchen has received a welcome boost in its quest to secure the food item donations it needs, as Accrington-based business, The Cardboard Box Company, supply bespoke food collection points for those wanting to hold a foodbank collection drive.

The Community Kitchen, which aims to use food as a catalyst to improve people’s lives, incorporates a large foodbank facility that redistributes surplus stock and donations from individuals and corporates to those who need it the most.

With demand high for the service, provided by Burnley FC in the Community, there is a need for constant donations and it is hoped the donation of the new collection points will inspire public spaces and work places to hold a collection.

The origin of The Cardboard Box Company dates back to the mid-1970s when Chapman Industries formed Chapman Cartons to make and supply cardboard boxes to its five envelope manufacturing sites across the UK.

The new business became quickly established. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, The Cardboard Box Company expanded rapidly and began to offer services to other manufacturers. This resulted in several factory moves from Darwen to Blackburn and finally to Accrington in 1989 – where they remain today.

After meeting at the hashtag events Turf Moor business exhibition, BFCitC’s Ryan Bradley kept in regular contact with Matthew Herd at The CBC and when the need for a bespoke, cost effective collection point was identified, a partnership was quickly formed, resulting in the new units being delivered and CBC signing up as Friends of Burnley FC in the Community.

If you want to run a collection for the foodbank, please get in touch with our Burnley Community Kitchen Manager Anita on or 07597811154.

There will also be permanent collection points on a matchday in the Fanzone, with tinned goods, dried food, pasta, rice and toiletries most needed.