Community Kitchen makes a difference this Christmas!

Community Kitchen makes a difference this Christmas!

Burnley Community Kitchen’s foodbank has been supporting local families this Christmas.

During 2020, the foodbank has met unprecedented demanded and supported more individuals and families with food parcels than ever before!

The support hasn’t stopped there though, as throughout the festive period, the Kitchen has been working with local schools to ensure nobody goes hungry this Christmas time.

Over the last two weeks, the Kitchen has been sending out large family food parcels to schools, who have distributed them to help those families most in need.

200 families from 18 local schools were referred to the foodbank. That means that the parcels have fed around 800 people, 480 of those being children!

This is the first time the Kitchen has supported schools with Christmas food parcels and it has already made a huge difference to families during the festive period!

Not only this, but thanks to the Burnley Together Christmas appeal, the families also received special presents in their parcels, ready for Christmas Day!

Sean Danaher, Community Kitchen and Foodbank Manager, commented:

“Being able to support families through our local schools this Christmas has been a great achievement and something we were very proud of!

“We want to thank everyone who has contributed to supporting these families this Christmas and hope you all enjoy the festivities.”

The Burnley Community Kitchen Foodbank, in partnership with Burnley Together, will continue to support local families throughout 2021.

You can help in a number of ways:

Become a Foodbank Friend

Donate via JustGiving

Donate food at your local store