New Activity Packs added!

New Activity Packs added!

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and having followed Government guidelines we have postponed all of our community programmes. However, in these challenging times when we are apart, as an organisation at the heart of our community we want to continue to be there for our participants. Which is why we have been thinking of innovative and effective ways to reach out to people of all ages during this time.

In addition to the Activity Packs our team have designed for our Premier League Inspires programme, our friends at Extra Time and our Veterans programme, with activities to keep both the mind and body active as we stay at home, for the little ones we are pleased to share with you Bertie’s Bumper Fun Pack

A jam-packed booklet full of Bertie Bee challenges, including a colouring quiz, football word scramble and the ‘Bertie to Turf’ Maze, this fun pack is designed to keep claret children entertained. 

For young people, our Premier League Inspires team currently deliver sessions to high school pupils, from year 7 to 11, in 10 schools across Burnley focussing on improving confidence, developing skills, gaining knowledge and creating a positive attitude.

While sessions cannot be delivered currently, the PL Inspires pack includes creative activities including create your own kit, spot the difference and design a comic book strip. Plus, it has some motivational quotes from famous sports stars from across the globe to keep you full of encouragement! Download the PL Inspires Activity Pack below. 

Members of our Veterans programme – a project that incorporates a range of physical exercise and social sessions for local armed forces veterans of all ages – can also enjoy our Veterans Puzzle Pack which includes activities such as sudoku, quizzes, chair based exercises and cardio workouts at home.  This pack has been updated – check out version 2 below.

Meanwhile, Extra Time, our weekly social session for over 50s at Turf Moor, regularly welcomes 60+ visitors every Wednesday morning. In addition to ‘check in’ phone calls our charity team have been making, participants have received Activity Packs in the post, which include a bird watching guide, fun quizzes and word searches.

While packs have been posted out to participants they are downloadable for everybody to access below.

We hope the packs offer some respite and a little fun in what is a challenging time for us all. Feel free to share your progress of how you are getting on with the packs, tag us in any posts on Burnley FC in the Community Facebook and Twitter as now, more than ever,  it’s important to keep in touch.

Stay safe and enjoy.

Bertie's Bumper Fun Pack

Designed for children. 


Premier League Inspires Activity Pack

Designed for young people.


Extra Time Activity Pack

Designed for older adults.