PL Inspires Mentoring

PL Inspires Mentoring

Mentoring through the Premier League Inspires programme allows students to have access to the support they need to reach their full potential.

The programme uses a positive role model approach to improve students’ outlook towards education and life.

Both group mentoring and 1:1 mentoring support is available through the PL Inspires programme, with learners identified to the BFCitC team as having one or more barriers to succeed.


Mentoring has many benefits both for the schools and students.

Our Mentor’s will work to develop a strong rapport with learners. This will lead to a more positive learning experience for the students and the sessions will help them gain a number of valuable skills including communication, interpersonal, and leadership.

The mentoring process aims to help  students to identify and achieve their goals. Together, the mentor and student will break down their goals into manageable steps so that they can be achieved, reflecting on what is going well and what else can be done to achieve them along the way.