English (PL Reading Stars)

English (PL Reading Stars)

Supporting English is one of the four key pillars of the Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS) programme. It is increasing in popularity as a result of the charity using the power of the club’s badge to inspire ambition and increase aspiration through the connection of literacy learning to the real world.

BFCitC, the Premier League and the National Literacy Trust deliver Premier League Reading Stars (PLRS) as a part of the English strand of the PLPS programme. The scheme aims to stimulate literacy engagement in children aged 5-11 years who love football, or sport in general, but lack motivation in reading, writing and the spoken word.

Premier League Reading Stars is a 10-week literacy intervention designed to be delivered in schools, libraries and football clubs. It is aimed at children who are otherwise disengaged in English, where the pull of the Burnley badge and the golden strand of football can be used to get them excited about reading.

PLRS evaluation has shown that the programme can have a significant impact on attainment and attitude. The National Literacy Trust and the Premier League have worked in partnership since 2003 to create this evidence-based programme.

PLRS builds on evidence that football and sport can influence the way young people view reading, particularly among boys and those on free school meals.

Full reports and real case studies for PLRS are available by clicking here.

Support from home

Each child will receive a learner booklet to fill in and keep throughout the programme.

Parents and other family members can support children’s literacy by reading the selected PLRS books at home with their children. We also recommend visiting www.wordsforlife.org.uk to find book recommendations, activities and tips.