School Staff Collaboration

School Staff Collaboration


To develop school staff to feel confident and eager to teach PE.

We are committed to supporting the growth of passion towards PE, as well as always striving for the highest quality delivery in the subject. We believe that sharing knowledge, information and insight is vital.

We will work alongside school staff to share best practice laterally and enhance the learning of pupils, school staff and BFCitC coaches alike.

We are committed to supporting the growth of passion towards, and improve the quality of delivery, in the National Curriculum subject of PE. Being a sporting organisation, we invest our time in ensuring that young people are physically active in a wealth of ways.

We endeavour to create environments in which all can flourish regardless of their background, ability and/or any other characteristic that may have hindered their physiological, psychological and sociological development.

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • Set and present effective learning outcomes i.e. learning objectives, differentiated learning outcomes, success criteria, rationale and National Curriculum links.
  • Create efficient schemes of work and curriculum mapping.
  • Differentiate to support/accelerate pupil learning, with a focus on progressing/regressing practices or, where possible, applying both simultaneously.
  • Use innovative resources that underpin topics and really bring them to life.
  • Use a variety of practice designs that cater for a variety of environment sizes, shapes and conditions.
  • Plan, apply and evaluate delivery with a foresight of informing future planning and teaching.

We will work with school staff members through:

  • Collaborative delivery of Premier League Primary Stars PE lessons.
  • Creating packages of support consisting of one-to-one discussions and consultations underpinned by practical delivery.
  • Group CPD events either at Turf Moor or within the school setting.
  • Delivery of the FA’s Primary Teachers Award.

We are always open to methods of engagement that work best for individuals and welcome any other suggestions as to how we can support in this area.

We work very closely with the Football Association’s PE unit which is staffed by teachers who possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications and share our passion for improving standards and experiences.

Our staff also have a range of minimum standards they must achieve to fulfil the role of a practitioner who is able to collaborate with teachers in a school setting. These qualifications are compliant with the Premier League minimum operating standards, as well as the Lancashire County Council guidance:

  • Minimum 1st 4 Sport Level 2 in Multi-Skills Development in Sport.
  • Minimum FA Level 2 in Coaching Football.
  • Minimum Association for PE Level 3 in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport.
  • Minimum Level 1 in other sports.
  • Quality Assurance by Burnley FC in the Community.