Achieving Moor (Group Interventions)

Achieving Moor (Group Interventions)

The focus of BFCitC’s Achieving Moor Interventions programme is to build pupils’ confidence, self-esteem and seek to give them a more positive outlook towards school, while encouraging them to be more willing to engage and raising their aspirations.

The programme is predominantly delivered to Year 9 groups but can also be offered to other year groups depending on a school’s individual needs and requirements. Working in group sizes of between 10-15, the programme offers two to three hour sessions which combine fitness activity, workshops and sport.

Pupils are selected by their schools for a variety of reasons ranging from those who are disengaged, showing signs of disruptive behaviour, experiencing low self-esteem or have poor attendance, although it can be tailored by schools to benefit those who would get the most out of the programme.

The flexible 12-week programme is delivered between the school site and Turf Moor and includes workshops on developing personal learning and thinking skills, healthy living, rights and responsibilities, bullying, racism and stereotyping. There are a variety of other themes that are covered including e-safety, anti-social behaviour and crime, radicalisation, drugs and alcohol, smoking and sex education. The extensive programme content can be tailored to meet each schools’ required needs.

Burnley FC in the Community offer the Achieving Moor programme to schools across East Lancashire throughout the academic year.

Hannah Laverty, Curriculum Leader for Physical Education at All Saints’ Roman Catholic High School, said: “Our pupils really enjoyed the Achieving Moor programme. All needs were catered for with inclusive workshops that were educational and fun. There was a marked difference from how the pupils engaged in curriculum lessons; they fully participated and performed to the best of their ability.

“We can see the impact the programme has had. Both behaviour around school and attendance has greatly improved for 90% of the pupils involved. The sessions have been a highlight and it’s a fully worthwhile programme that I would recommend to any school. The Burnley FC in the Community staff are a credit to the club, professional and reliable, keep up the good work!”

To find out more information about how your school can get involved in Achieving Moor, please contact BFCitC’s Alternative Curriculum Manager, Gwilym Jones, at