Men’s Healthy Weight Management

Men’s Healthy Weight Management

The Men’s Healthy Weight Management programme, proudly supported by our Gold Patrons boohooMAN, runs courses throughout the year for males who would like to improve their overall state of health and lose weight.

The free programme involves a comprehensive 12-week delivery plan which includes regular health checks that assess body weight, hydration, visceral fat, body fat, muscle mass and physical age. Throughout the course, the fully trained staff will deliver circuit, HIIT, cardio and body weight style sessions.

They will also conduct fitness testing while incorporating a variety of sports and recreational activities to educate and guide you to improve your overall health.

Below is just a selection of the feedback that we’ve received:

Mark (39): “I have really enjoyed this course, I look forward to it every week. It’s the fun aspect of being fit with diet, food swaps and exercise tips throughout.”

Mick (51): “It’s hard work but enjoyable. A good range of fitness exercises… I have benefited from the course mentally and physically.”

Jake (18): “I feel a lot fitter, I’ve enjoyed doing all the different exercises and everyone is really friendly.”

The programme is totally free of charge and if you wish to participate in this course please contact our Healthy Lifestyles Manager, Charlotte Griffiths, on 01282 704716 or email her on

Programme Impact

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