Women’s Healthy Weight Management

Women’s Healthy Weight Management

Are you a female looking to improve your health and fitness?

We run free 12-week Women’s Healthy Weight Management sessions on Tuesday evenings throughout the year at the Burnley Community Kitchen!

Throughout the programme you can expect to receive health checks to assess body weight, hydration, body fat, muscle mass and physical age, as well as engaging in circuit, HIIT, cardio and body weight style sessions delivered by our fully trained staff members.

The sessions are designed to suit varying ages and ability levels.

Our participants have certainly felt the benefits, here are some examples…

Laura (26): “I’m not a major gym fan so doing this programme each week showed me exercises I could do at home easily. The programme was motivating and different each week and has given me the motivation, confidence and support I need. Everyone who signs up is in the same boat regardless of age, size etc. We’re all there to support each other!”

Jean (65) achieved a weight loss of one stone and decreased her body fat by 4.4% over the course of the 12-week programme. She now feels more confident and is “back to feeling wonderful, walking every day and exercising.”

To find out more information, or to sign-up, contact our Healthy Lifestyles Manager, Charlotte Griffiths, on 01282 704716 or email her on c.griffiths@burnleyfc.com.