Information about Female Only Skill Centre

Information about Female Only Skill Centre

The Female, only Skill Centre, is a brand-new session this year. It is an opportunity to help develop players with their performance. We aim to improve players technical ability, complementing their grassroots training.   

The session will complement the training that players are currently receiving with their grassroots clubs. The female-only skill centre will not be a team as it will be a development centre that will enhance players skills and attributes. 

The Female, only Skill Centre sessions will take place on Friday evenings, 5 pm – 6 pm at Nelson and Colne College 3G. 

 Each session aims to develop players technical abilities that they can then apply to their grassroots teams. All sessions are planned and delivered to a high quality. Players will receive guidance on what they need to work on and develop, alongside specific feedback from their coaches during their sessions.

 As it stands, we have around 20 girls in the Skill centre, which is growing now that the word is spreading about this new session.