Jay thankful for BFCitC Moor for your Future programme!

Jay thankful for BFCitC Moor for your Future programme!

Burnley FC in the Community’s Moor for the Future programme is having a big impact during a difficult time.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many young people started to face difficulties in finding employment. In an effort to help this issue, Burnley FC in the Community’s Moor for your Future programme was launched in October 2020, to aid character development and to support people aged 16-25 getting employed.

Funded by Barclays, the Premier League and Professional Footballers’ Association Fund, VEKA and Great Places and delivered in partnership with the Nelson and Colne College Group, Burnley Together and Lancashire Adult Learning, the programme is designed specifically to help nurture young people’s confidence and self-esteem to tackle the ‘new normal’.

Today marks the Employability Action Day for the European Football for Development’s Networks ‘More Than Football’ campaign and to celebrate the positive work done over the last year in this area, we’d like to share Jay’s story and showcase the positive impact Moor for your Future has had.

Jay first engaged with us through our ‘Journey to Work’ employability programme in March 2020 after being referred from the local job centre, one week before the national lockdown. The pandemic had a huge impact on his desire to find employment. Despite starting a health and social care programme at a local College, Jay struggled to adapt to the new normal and to stay motivated for the course which resulted in him dropping out in October.

Once plans were in place for the Moor for Your Future Programme, our Employability Team contacted Jay to encourage him to join the programme, give him a focus on and get him out of the house.

After some persistence from the team, Jay attended his interview at Turf Moor to discuss how we could support him. On the first day of the course, the team were thrilled to see Jay turn up and after 20 minutes he built up the confidence to join the group.

The first day proved difficult for him but as the days went on, Jay’s confidence began to grow, he started to make friends and enjoy himself.

Since then, Jay has taken everything in his stride and thrived in a number of activities including team building, resilience workshops, quizzes and even led on a problem-solving session!

The change in Jay has not only being recognised by the team, but by Jay himself and he admits that if it had not been for the persistence of the Employability Team, he would not have attended the sessions and would be in a worse situation than he was.

“I admit I wasn’t sure after the first day, playing games, watching videos and doing activities, I couldn’t see how this was going to get me a job. Now I realise that feeling good about yourself is the start, I needed to get back being with people my own age and share our stories to recognise that I am not on my own.

“I am so glad I took that first step, that was the hardest thing, but now I look back I believe that I do have a future and it’s great to have a purpose and not feel worthless, like I did, I also think I’m more resilient than I thought I was.”

Our next cohort of Moor for Your Future participants begin on Monday 26th April.

To find out more or sign up to the programme, email A.Malcolm@burnleyfc.com