The last year has  been difficult for many of us and as we enter another lockdown, it remains important to look after both your physical and mental health. 

Mental health is an important topic to us here at Burnley FC in the Community. Our Schools’ Mental Wellbeing Project supports 11 local secondary schools with a full-time Mental Wellbeing Worker placed in each school to support students identified as needing help with their mental wellbeing, by offering a range of interventions in both one-to-one and group settings. 

Lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic has presented many of us with different challenges we may not have faced before, which can have a profound impact on our mental health. 

Each week, as part of our new Wellbeing Wednesdays campaign, we will be sharing resources covering various topics including sleep hygiene, mindfulness and coping strategies, with the aim of helping you look after your mental wellbeing. 



First up is the importance sleep can have on your wellbeing and mood. Below we have a sleep resource document with helpful hints and advice to help you get a good nights rest. We’ve also included a sleep diary so you can keep track of how much sleep you are getting and monitor any changes or patterns that may be affecting your sleep.


Studies have found there are many mental and physical benefits to meditation including a reduction in feelings of depression, pain, stress and a positive impact on feelings of self-worth, energy levels and overall mood. In the below documents we cover these benefits, offer links on guided meditation and detail the fight or flight response that activates when you experience feelings of anxiety. 

Sleep Resource

A lack of sleep can affect you in many ways, here we detail the importance of sleep, helpful hints to help you improve your sleep and feel more rested, and things to avoid to get a good nights rest. 

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Sleep Diary

We hope this sleep diary will  help you identify patterns and highlight things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. 

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Meditation benefits

There are lots of studies demonstrating that meditation has a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing.

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Adrenaline - ‘fight or flight’ alarm system

Adrenaline triggers our body’s fight or flight system to activate. We can often experience uncomfortable feelings when this happens, however, each response is happening for a good reason, to prepare your body to either run away or to fight.

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