Meet our Mental Wellbeing Workers

Hayley has always been interested in Mental wellbeing as she believes it’s everyone’s birth right to live a fulfilled and happy life. Her degree in Counselling and psychology led her to work as a psychological wellbeing practitioner for an adult mental health service before arriving at BFCitC as a mental well-being worker and most recently becoming School’s mental wellbeing manager.

Hayley found that the majority of adults she worked with struggled with their wellbeing because of childhood experiences, so she believed working in a school and supporting young people would be fulfilling.

Hayley is looking forward to supporting the team in her new role so that they can continue having an amazing impact on so many young people’s lives.

Studying a degree in Counselling gave Amanda an insight into children and young people. Her training and placements allowed her to work closely with young people and helped her gain an understanding in supporting their needs.

After conducting research, it was clear to Amanda that more needed to be done to support young people and adolescents and this is a view that is mirrored by BFCitC. 

Amanda believes the 1 to 1 support the project provides is vital in building a therapeutic relationship with a child. She hopes to ease the growing mental health issues that are arising in schools.

Holding a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Educational Psychology, Hannah has four years of experience working in different educational settings, including a school specifically created for children with social, emotional mental health issues.

Hannah believes that pupils are not able to achieve their best academically or have the best experience of school if their wellbeing is not being cared for. She believes this project is an effective solution for pupils to easily access wellbeing interventions.

Qualified to degree level in Psychology and Counselling, Deborah has previously worked as a community mediator, as well as a volunteer youth worker. Most recently, Deborah has trained and worked as part of the NHS Trailblazer project as an Educational Mental Health Practitioner which provided low intensity interventions for children and young people with mild to moderate mental health problems. 

Deborah feels strongly about young people being able to access mental health support in schools and is proud that BFCitC continue to positively make a difference to the wellbeing of local children and young people.

Charlotte has a diploma in Social Sciences and a BA (Hons) in Health and Applied Social Studies and has previously worked in mental health services at a rehab unit and social inclusion service.

After accessing support from Mental Health services as a teenager, Charlotte always knew  she wanted to be able to help other young people going through the same struggles, feeling passionate about giving people the best chance in life.

Charlotte enjoys building positive rapports with the young people on the programme and week by week seeing their progress. The programme provided individuals with a safe space to talk and this is something Charlotte feels honoured to be part of.

Lauren has an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Psychology and Psychological Research.

Before joining BFCitC, she was part of a team who were developing an application that focused on supporting the mental wellbeing of children and young people, whilst also keeping them safer online. Lauren decided to pursue a career in mental health as she considers being given the knowledge, skills, and opportunity to support other people as a privilege.

Her current role allows her to do just that, whilst also promoting mental wellbeing and improving access to support within the local community.

Nicole has a BSc in Psychology.

Before joining the team at BFCitC, Nicole worked as an outreach worker supporting victims of modern-day slavery.

In her role as Mental Wellbeing Worker, Nicole enjoys supporting young people through helping them to develop effective coping mechanisms for their mental health and this was what attracted her to this role.