Moor for Your Future Case Study of Josef Simcock and Emma Chew

Moor for Your Future Case Study of Josef Simcock and Emma Chew

Josef came to our attention in November 2020 when he saw one of our flyers in the Burnley  Job centre window. He got in touch and came along for an initial chat to see if the programme was something he would benefit from getting involved with. At this initial meeting it became clear that Josef lacked confidence, self-belief and was very unsure about his future and where to turn for help. We explained the programme and the support we could offer, at first Josef was very reluctant to join a group because of his anxiety and how he was feeling from the impact from Covid, we just suggested he came and met the group to see how he felt, and we would take it very slowly at first and support him initially one to one if required.

Josef started with the group and now admits it was one of the scariest things he did, walking through that door to meet a group of people he  didn’t know, to be part of something he wasn`t  really sure about, but he did it and he has never looked back. He hasn’t found it all plain sailing especially having only attended group for 2 weeks and then going into a third lockdown, resulting with us having to move all delivery online. This was so hard for everyone involved as it was quite clear from the face-to-face sessions, we had delivered that this was what our Young People needed, not to be stuck in front of a laptop. The group interaction had been one of the things Josef had enjoyed the most, being back with Young People who were all going through the same and feeling the same as him made him feel supported and reassured that everything would be ok. Face to face delivery returned in March and we saw Josef getting involved with volunteering at the Covid Test centre, litter picking, gardening, and supporting an outdoor project with the Wildlife Trust at Brockholes, where his Teamwork and  Leadership skills shone through, he was happy, and it was written all over his face. “ I was really worried about starting the group, I thought everyone would be so much more confident and better than I me, I was a mess, hadn’t been out hadn’t been talking to anyone, I felt rubbish about myself….. but being with everyone made me feel positive for the first time in ages”

“The Team helped me with interview preparation, application forms and guided us to potential job opportunities when we felt ready for that next step and I am really chuffed to have secured a great  opportunity with the NHS, I have started my training and it is going well, the good thing is I know that I am still supported with the MFYF Team, they check-in on me and if I need them I know they will be there. “ I’ve finally accepted that I did need help and support and its ok to ask for it, before I felt embarrassed and wouldn’t tell anyone how I was feeling, MFYF has made me have the confidence to ask if I need it”


Emma was known to us through another project, but with the impact of Covid had fallen off our radar. Once Moor for Your Future started in October 2020, we contacted all potential Young People known to us to offer our support and encourage them to join the programme. Emma was on our list and after some hesitation she decided to join us. Emma joined us at week 3 of the programme, very timid, shy, and admitting she felt very down for the first time in her life, she couldn’t see a future and was worried about being with a group she didn’t know. After a couple of sessions, we saw a different Emma, she was happy, smiling, relaxed, and enjoying being involved with the group. Her creativity side started to shine through, she excelled in the Dragons Den workshop presenting her idea, we also saw the supportive and caring side to her character as she helped and encouraged those in her group with Teamwork activities. Emma has worked hard, she has undertaken things she was not really “ into” i.e the outdoor social action projects, but she admits she really enjoyed the different activities and is glad she persevered with them as it has made her mentally stronger.  Emma has mild cerebral palsy which affects her mobility and dexterity so walking long distances on uneven terrain and handling tools was quite difficult, but she showed us what determination looks like.

Emma really wants to work as a Teaching assistant in a Primary school but recognises that her options may be limited with the impact of Covid so until she can secure an apprenticeship  opportunity for her dream job, we have supported her with plan B and helped her secure employment  working with Snowdrop Duala an organisation that support families through pregnancy which she is loving and learning new things every day. “ Before I started MFYF I felt lost and didn’t have a plan, my dream job of working in a Primary school seemed to have been taken away from me and I didn’t know what to do, I also didn’t realise how strong I was ( mentally) and that with support you can achieve good things “ “ My resilience is high and I know that even though I am not in my dream job yet, I know I will get there, MFYF came along just at the right time and with everyone’s help I am a stronger person “


The next session will start on the 13th September.

Sessions will help young people to gain the necessary skills to help secure employment, improve their character and personal skills, boost confidence and will cover areas surrounding resilience, problem solving and digital literacy. 

To sign up for the Moor for your Future programme, contact Employability Manager, Alison Malcolm on or call 07739 659538/07809 908536.