#PLKicks FIFA 20 Tournament – join us!

#PLKicks FIFA 20 Tournament – join us!

We want to stay connected to all our Premier League Kicks participants during this strange time for all of us.

So, who is up for joining our #PLKicks FIFA 20 Tournament?!

Are you a participant of one of our Premier League Kicks sessions? Then this is for you! This will be a fast-paced, knockout-style challenge – a chance for you to show off your skills and impress the rest with some serious FIFA magic…

You need to be between 13 and 18 years of age to take part and before we can let you join the tournament, you will need to have our consent form signed and sent back to us. 

Spots are open now and you have until Monday 13th April to sign up. There are 32 Xbox tournament places and 32 PlayStation places available on first come, first served basis – so get signed up quickly to bag a spot!

Please also take a read of these tournament rules before you sign up:

#PLKicks FIFA 20 Tournament: The Rules

  • 64 teams will play – 32 Xbox and 32 PlayStation.
  • Games must be played within three days of release and for proof, both players must report the score via a photograph sent to l.hickie@burnleyfc.com.
  • Games must be played via Online Season not Ultimate Team to ensure this is fair for all.
  • You must select a team to play with and use this team at all times, for all matches you play.
  • Games will be six minute each half – 12 minutes in total.
  • Any foul or abusive language reported to BFCitC staff and will result in offending player being dismissed from the tournament. 
  • This is a knockout tournament so if you win, you go thorough. If you lose, you’re immediately knocked out of the tournament.
  • You must have all settings set to Default.
  • You can only pause the game if you want to make substitutions, otherwise it is not permitted to pause the game.
  • If your opponent doesn’t play a designated fixture by choosing to opt out, you will automatically receive a 3-0 win.
  • Must use different kits to your opponent so you don’t clash.  
  • The final game will be a one game shoot out. If it’s a draw at 90 minutes, extra time and penalties will be played.
  • There will be a prize for the winner and social media promotion on our channels!

Ready for the challenge? 

Sign up here! 

#PLKicks Tournament consent form

You must complete this form to take part! 

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