Sean sees the success of Men’s Healthy Weight Management!

Sean sees the success of Men’s Healthy Weight Management!

BFCitC’s Men’s Healthy Weight Management programme, runs courses throughout the year for males in the community who would like to improve their overall state of health and lose weight.

The free programme involves a comprehensive 12-week delivery plan which includes regular health checks that assess body weight, hydration, visceral fat, body fat, muscle mass and physical age, with staff also delivering circuit, HIIT, cardio and body weight style sessions.

One individual who has benefitted from the sessions is Sean, who first took part in the programme at the start of 2017.

Sean has now taken part in the last three cohorts and become a mentor to new participants joining the course, using his experience to help them feel more comfortable during the sessions and being a team captain during group-based exercises.

Through his attendance, he says he has also become more confident and is a popular member amongst the group.

“A couple of years ago whilst on holiday I decided that I needed to get back in shape, so I decided to join a gym. I’d turned 50, had stopped playing football and tennis and had changed to a more sedentary job, and my weight had started to increase.”

“At this time, I was alerted to the Men’s Healthy Weight Management programme on social media so decided to sign up and it proved to be a great decision.”

“I’d tried gyms in the past, but I was a bit too good at finding excuses not to go but I found the Men’s Healthy Weight Management programme really interesting and the activities varied.”

“The regular health checks and feedback are invaluable and as a result, one big change is that I now drink more fluids. Not only that I have shed a good few pounds.”

“I feel so much better in myself and have lots more energy, which I think is down to sleeping better. I do a lot of walking with my dog which is good exercise, but what can be at times pretty intense workouts on a Monday, give you a real burst of energy. Although aching a little on a Tuesday, it’s great to feel energised and alert for the week.”

“It’s always good to chat with the other guys on the programme, usually about all things Claret, and it’s been great to meet up again with some old school friends.”

“Since joining, I achieved exactly what I set out to achieve and without any doubt far more than I would have ever done if I’d been doing it on my own and without the expert knowledge and motivation of the BFCitC staff.”

The results further prove the success Sean has found since attending the programme. His first health check weighed him in at 15st 10lbs in January 2017. In March 2018 his health check showed a decrease in weight of 2st 2lbs and a body fat decrease of 23.2%. This is a fantastic achievement and evidence of his hard work and commitment to the programme.

To find out more information about how to get involved in BFCitC’s Men’s Healthy Weight Management programme, contact Health and Wellbeing Officer, Sam Wilcock on 01282 704716 or email