Danny Ings Disability Sport Project

The Danny Ings Disability Sport Projects sits within the Sport strand of Burnley FC in the Community. Its aims and objectives are focused on creating opportunities for people within our communities who possess a disability.

Our motivated, dedicated and committed Disability Development team work daily to ensure that these aims and objectives are achieved, with assistance from their majority funders. Currently an estimated 22% of the population in Burnley have a disability, with these people often facing significant exclusion creating vast difficulty when attempting to integrate into society.

Burnley FC in the Community feel that everybody deserves the right to access opportunities and overcome barriers to participate in sport, despite any given disability or impairment. This notion led to the birth of the Danny Ings Disability Sport Project.

Presently, the project boasts five key strands: Competitive Sport, Recreational Sport, SEN/Mainstream School Sport, Disability Awareness and Disability Access. Each strand operates by creating positive environments for people with disabilities to develop both physically and socially, slowly building their capacity to integrate into society and allowing them to overcome preconceived misconceptions.

We passionately feel that sport can be used as the perfect tool to achieve this and, if anything, accelerate the process. The strands are all specifically tailored to each area’s needs, which allows us to create a bespoke provision that is made available to those within our community with a disability.

Competitive Sport

Participants can enjoy sessions of a highly competitive nature, building upon existing abilities and putting their talent to the test in competition. 

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Recreational Sport

We create a platform for people with disabilities to participate in free sport activities without encountering barriers.

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SEN/Mainstream School Sport

This programme provides schools with High-Quality National Curriculum Physical Education (HQNCPE) that they may have had difficulty accessing. 

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Disability Awareness

This programme aims to educate schools and organisations with knowledge of disability provision and the teaching of best practice. 

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Disability Access - Turf Moor Matchdays

Burnley FC in the Community and the Danny Ings Disability Sport Project is proud to support Burnley FC with their commitment to Equality and Diversity.

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