SEN/Mainstream School Sport

SEN/Mainstream School Sport

Engaging with over 20 schools, the school sport section of the programme delivers High-Quality National Curriculum Physical Education (HQNCPE) lessons to people with disabilities who attend Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) schools, Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) schools and Mainstream Schools.

The Danny Ings Disability Sport Project’s wish is to mean something to everyone, therefore delivery is fluid and can be tailored to the schools’ needs, timetables and requests.

Within mainstream schools the project delivers tailored interventions to all pupils with SEND, allowing them to access an extra hour of physical activity a week.

This has been reported to improve their behaviour and confidence in a physical setting. These sessions can be delivered termly or yearly depending on the schools’ wants and needs.

How we achieve high-quality

We achieve our high-quality PE by creating a strong link between coaching and teaching, encapsulating the Football Association (FA)’s holistic development model and relating it directly to HQNCPE.

This has allowed us to formulate Burnley FC in the Community’s PE and School Sport DNA of which each component is included in every lesson, allowing learners to be developed socially, physically, technically and psychologically.

This is all aligned and directly linked to the National Curriculum for PE to comply with Ofsted guidelines. It is also underpinned with effective planning and assessment documents.

Additional extras

HQNCPE is only one product of this programme. We also offer after-school and lunch club provision, multisport lessons and cohesive work with schools to ensure the achievement of their pupils’ physical development plans.

This programme allows us to have contact with hundreds of children with disabilities, opening various doors for further participation and therefore increasing activity levels and improving the health of children with disabilities within our communities.

BFCitC also offer collapsed curriculum days where schools can enjoy tours of Burnley Football Club’s Turf Moor stadium and take part in SEND-specific sports tournaments.

Teacher testimonies

Miss Sophie Hayhurst, PE Coordinator at Broadfield Specialist School, said: “Burnley FC in the Community have been coming into Broadfield as part of their Danny Ings Disability Sport Project since September 2016 and the coaches have been working with two groups of Key Stage 4 students during their WJEC Healthy Living and Fitness lessons.

“Throughout these lessons, the coaches have planned and delivered high-quality PE and Sport sessions that allow the students to gain new skills and have fun, alongside gaining specific criteria that will allow the students to achieve an accreditation.

“Whilst working with highly experienced and extremely professional coaches, the students have thoroughly enjoyed every session and it has allowed them to develop physically, socially, technically and psychologically. The feedback from the students clearly demonstrates how much they have enjoyed the sessions…

‘They have been really fun and have taught us lots of new skills and sports.’ – D.M.

‘They have taught me lots of new skills and it’s been a pleasure to meet them.’ – W.A.

‘Good teachers who deliver good training.’ – D.O.

“I am extremely happy with the link that has been created between Broadfield Specialist School and BFCitC and I am looking forward to continuing with and developing this link and working with them in the future!”

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If you wish to receive more information on the SEN/Mainstream School Sport programme then please contact our Disability & Sports Development Manager, Lewis Rimmer, on or call 01282 704716.

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