Our Offer

Our Offer

Burnley FC in the Community is very passionate about and committed to developing and implementing a locally relevant engagement programme that focuses on supporting primary schools and their pupils across the region.

With the might and support of the Premier League and their variety of national and regional partners, BFCitC are delighted to present an exciting, innovative package to local primary schools in the form of the Premier League Primary Stars initiative.

Burnley FC, with its badge, personnel, connection and the greatest league in the world, is something that is treasured by children across the region. It is this passion for the football club that BFCitC aim to embrace, in order to inspire ambition, promote values and raise aspirations so that the next generation of society have every opportunity. We want to make prospects accessible to them regardless of their background, perceived ability or economical standing in society.

Core PLPS offer

To ensure that the package of activities and engagement is relevant to local and regional need, BFCitC have sculpted a programme around plentiful consultation with local partners, schools and parents to ensure that what is offered has impact and meaning.

BFCitC offer a ‘whole day’ model of engagement over a 12-week period. This block of activity can contain a number of topics or just a single topic. The selection of topics range between PE and School Sport, PSHE, English and Maths.

Using the investment made by the Premier League and to ensure that the programme is accessible to as many schools as possible, BFCitC have reduced the price of the programme from £1,500 to £500 per school term (12 weeks).

The package must be bespoke within each and every school, as schools operate differently and have a variety of requirements that a rigid, prescriptive provision cannot accommodate. BFCitC want this programme to mean something to everyone and by consulting with interested schools, this notion can be seamlessly achieved and will be of the utmost benefit to the children.

Due to the programme’s popularity, interventions will be allocated on a first come first served basis to ensure fairness. This is to facilitate steady growth and to assure quality.

Additional Programme Components

An invaluable component of buying into the PL Primary Stars package is the opportunities that can additionally enhance the curriculum and extracurricular activity of a school, through the ‘extras’ that come with such a partnership.

These include:

  • Breakfast, lunchtime and/or after school clubs.
  • Burnley FC first team player appearances.
  • Official club mascot (Bertie Bee) appearances.
  • Fundraising support (access to official club inflatable activities).
  • Signed merchandise.
  • Collapsed curriculum days at Turf Moor.
  • Access to regional/national Premier League competitions.

For more information about our Premier League Primary Stars programme, please contact our Head of Primary School Engagement, Brianne Turner, on b.turner@burnleyfc.com or 01282 704716.