Teacher Collaboration

Teacher Collaboration

At Burnley FC in the Community, we are passionate about supporting people in any way that we possibly can. We are constantly humbled by those who seek our guidance in areas in which we can offer expertise and examples of effective best practice. We believe that to share knowledge, information and insight is to spread vital quality across our areas of work in collaboration with partners.

We are committed to supporting the growth of passion towards and quality of delivery in the National Curriculum subject of Physical Education. Being a sporting organisation, we invest our time in ensuring that young people are physically active in a wealth of ways.

We endeavour to create environments in which all can flourish regardless of their background, ability and/or any other characteristic that may have hindered their physiological, psychological and sociological development.

To achieve this vision we want to work in collaboration with those who also hold the responsibility of creating such environments, namely primary school teachers within a National Curriculum PE setting. The goal is to work alongside teachers to share best practice laterally and enhance the learning of their pupils.

We have some really great PE-based ideas and forms of best practice that will help any practitioner achieve ‘outstanding’ in the below areas:

  • Setting and presenting effective learning outcomes i.e. learning objectives, differentiated learning outcomes, success criteria, rationale and National Curriculum links.
  • Creation and efficient implementation of Mid-Term Planning (Schemes of Work) and Long-Term Planning (Curriculum Mapping) in relation to the National Curriculum for Physical Education across the Key Stages of child development.
  • Formative assessment strategies (Assessment for Learning) that assesses learning frequently and seamlessly through methods such as clear learning intentions, peer and self assessment, providing analytical, constructive feedback, questioning and dialogue and reviewing/reflecting on assessment.
  • Planning for and ensuring the holistic development of all learners through alignment with the ‘Four Corner’ Long-Term Development Model that makes certain that those engaged are able to progress physically, technically, socially and psychologically.
  • The use of differentiation to support/accelerate pupil learning, with a focus on progressing/regressing practices or, where possible, applying both simultaneously.
  • How to utilise other personnel to bolster safety, learning and enjoyment from all pupils.
  • Creation and use of innovative resources that underpin topics and really bring them to life.
  • Inception of a variety of practice designs that cater for a variety of environment sizes, shapes and conditions.
  • Planning, applying and evaluating with complete inclusivity in all areas of a lesson.
  • Evaluating delivery with a foresight of informing future planning and teaching through the transformation of information into insight.

We have a variety of methods in which we collaborate with teachers to enhance their confidence to plan for and deliver the width and breadth of the National Curriculum for PE. Such options and ideas are listed below:

  • Collaborative delivery of PL Primary Stars PE lessons.
  • Mentoring packages of support consisting of one-to-one sessions of discussion and consultation underpinned by practical observation(s) of delivery.
  • Group CPD events hosted in a variety of locations i.e. Turf Moor, your school and/or a central community facility.
  • Delivery of the FA’s Primary Teacher’s Award in situ or at Turf Moor.

We are always open to methods of engagement that work best for individuals and welcome any other suggestions as to how we can support in this area.

We work very closely with the Football Association’s PE Unit which is staffed by teachers who possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications and share our passion for improving standards and experiences for those who need our help the most.

Our staff have a range of minimum standards that they must achieve to fulfil the profile of a practitioner who is able to collaborate with teachers in a school setting. These are:

  • Sporting Undergraduate Degree (in some cases Master’s Degrees and PGCEs).
  • Minimum Multi-Skills Level 2.
  • Minimum FA Level 2 in Coaching Football and another NGB Level 2.
  • Quality Assurance provided by Burnley FC in the Community.
  • Attended regular CPD in aspects of the PE curriculum.
  • FA’s Mentoring Adults Award.
  • FA’s Develop the Developer Training (desirable, but not essential).

We hope that this information is appealing to you, your school or someone that you may know and we would love to hear from you if this is something that you think would be beneficial.

For more information about our Premier League Primary Stars programme, please contact our Head of Primary School Engagement, Brianne Turner, on b.turner@burnleyfc.com or 01282 704716.