Spurs fixture dedicated to mental health awareness

Spurs fixture dedicated to mental health awareness

Burnley FC’s fixture against Tottenham Hotspur will be dedicated to mental health awareness.

Every year, Burnley FC aim to shine a light on mental health, raise awareness and promote understanding through the #MentalHealthMatters campaign.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people will experience a dip in their mental health this year. On an average matchday at Turf Moor, that’s 5,000 people. A huge number, showcasing just how much mental health, as well as physical health, matters.

Chief Executive Officer of the Clarets’ official charity, Neil Hart, explains: “Mental health is a top priority for us this year at Burnley FC in the Community.

“The statistics speak for themselves – that’s why, in January, we placed seven full-time Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners into secondary schools across the town to support young people with their mental health. This is also a project we hope to develop into more schools.

“Our message is that mental health matters just as much as physical health, and we are proud to raise awareness and keep the conversation going.”

Government-backed research (Foresight’s ‘Mental capital and wellbeing‘ project) suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish.

The ‘five ways to wellbeing’ suggest simple steps that can be taken in everyday life with the aim to maintain wellness in both body and in mind. They are connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.

If you would like to discuss the work Burnley FC in the Community is delivering to support local people in maintaining their mental wellbeing, please contact Burnley FC in the Community’s Health and Wellbeing Manager, Abby Turner, on a.turner@burnleyfc.com or call 01282 704716.