Friends of Burnley FC in the Community

Friends of Burnley FC in the Community

The Friends of Burnley FC in the Community programme aims to get businesses hands-on and involved with the various projects delivered by the Clarets’ official charity.

We will ensure that your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda is hit, lay on regular networking events, provide ongoing PR opportunities and provide a link to a Premier League club like no other – all you have to do is pledge £1,000 per year!

The award-winning, community-focused VEKA headline as Patrons of the programme, meaning that formal bimonthly events can be laid on to keep businesses even more up to date with the impact that their donation is having.

If you think your business should support the community in which it operates, or you have a need to get your employees active and engaged with community work, then become our Friend today!

With thanks to our Friends of Burnley FC in the Community:

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If you want to discuss supporting a local charity to inspire, support and deliver change get in touch with Ryan Bradley on or call 01282 704716.

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