Why not team up with Burnley FC in the Community for 2022

Why not team up with Burnley FC in the Community for 2022

Why not team up with Burnley FC in the Community for 2022 – and make a real difference in your community at a time of need


Looking for a charity to support on your home turf? The Burnley community needs your help more than ever, so why not help make a difference to people in need in your area and choose Burnley FC in the Community as your charity of the year for 2022.

Our dedicated and passionate team work tirelessly to make life better for thousands of people across East Lancashire and West Yorkshire – the charity relies on the fantastic support of local businesses like yours to do this.


How your money helps

Burnley FC in the Community works across more than 50 local community projects, spanning across Education & Employability, Community Welfare & Inclusion, Football Development and Community Facilities. We are proud to touch the lives of a huge spectrum of people, whether by delivering thousands of essential meals via our foodbank, funding a team of mental health professionals to work in schools with young people who are struggling, or through our many other initiatives.


 Though we’re embedded within the ethos of Burnley FC, we are financially independent from the football club. We rely on fundraising activities, donations, sponsorships, and grants to do the work we do and every penny we raise goes to developing new opportunities for those who need it most.


More about us

  • Burnley FC in the Community is a self-financing registered charity with a mission to support, inspire and deliver change in communities. We do this through 10 community objectives:
  • Engaging with our communities to raise aspirations
  • Supporting our community to live healthy lives
  • Creating a level playing field for everyone to engage in sport and physical activity
  • Ensuring we’re a needs-led charity and focusing on addressing the ‘root cause’ of social issues
  • Supporting and inspiring children and young people to reach their full potential
  • Harnessing the unique standing of Burnley FC to deliver lasting change in the local community and overseas
  • Empowering our employees, partners and participants to champion Equality and Inclusion
  • Ensuring we’re a partnership that prides itself on forming long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded organisations
  • Embedding ourselves in communities for the long term by working with partners to develop and operate outstanding community facilities
  • Ensuring we always deliver high quality impactful projects through a strong foundation of staff, CPD, organisational policies, safeguarding and governance procedures


Whether you have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda to meet, employees to nurture and develop or you just want to give back to/engage with the community you trade in, we have a number of exciting fundraising ideas, events & partnerships for you to consider.


To find out more about teaming up with Burnley FC in the Community and making us your 2022 charity of the year, contact Ben Bottomley on b.bottomley@burnleyfc.com